Signs of YouTube Addiction


YouTube is a great website and a lot of people gain money from this that is most are buying youtube views to increase exposure of their content. You instantly and for free receive a ton of entertainment and education.

However, that is what almost makes it too wonderful. Unending distractions accompany unending videos.

After searching for that one song you couldn’t stop thinking about, you end up watching some Indians erect a pool in the bush two hours later. The YouTube binge-watching loop has ensnared millions of individuals, including myself, at some point or another.

1. Binging is your go-to pastime
When you visit YouTube, the primary goal isn’t to learn a specific skill, like how to program or fold clothes. Instead, it stems from the impulse to idly watch movies to pass the time.

This action, however, is insufficient to categorize an issue on its own. After all, binge-watching might just be a way for you to pass the time when you’re bored.

2. YouTube is a tool used to dodge issues in real life.
While binge-watching to relieve ordinary stress could be acceptable, it is absolutely not acceptable when that tension is caused by ignoring real-life concerns.

I am not referring to short-term avoidance behaviors, such as the odd binge done to put off writing your English essay, which is still completed.

3. After you quit watching YouTube videos, bad emotions surface.
When you ignore something, your negative emotions become suppressed and resurface whenever you inevitably need to stop watching videos.

You become numb to the inconveniences and difficulties you encounter in life by diverting your attention from them with YouTube videos.

But the painkilling stops when you stop watching films. And eventually you will have to deal with that pain.

4. Binges appear to be nearly impossible to manage
Similar to how addiction to substances alters the brain, habit also does.

One of the known effects brought on by such brain changes is increased impulsivity. It is more difficult to control impulsive behavior the more drastic the internet addiction is.