2022 Entertainment Trends You Should Know

Entertainment is a kind of activity that keeps a viewer’s interest and attention also while providing enjoyment and pleasure. It could be a concept or an objective, but it’s more possible to be among the events or activities which have developed over several thousands of years particularly to maintain the attention of a crowd.

This resource, which compiles the most recent market dynamics and media initiatives.


Online TV Subscriptions Have Peaked

Web – based TV, like many other forms of online media, became more popular during global epidemic. On an average day within 2020, customers spent 1 hour and 26 million hours of watching online TV. But even so, growth has slowed down since then, but rather broadcast tv continues to dominate.


Streaming audio is becoming increasingly popular

Music had already remained the most common particular factor because as we started monitoring it in Q3 2018, and it currently tops the rankings in 21 of our 47 markets. This can be seen in the songs space. Within a year, there has been a 13% increase in boomers paying attention to weekly song offerings. If marketing firms are still unsure that virtual sound is the way to go, now is the moment to create campaign groups that will interact the most.