Music Event

Music festivals are an amazing way to connect with your target audience, the music festival experience is hard to beat. Music festivals are now more popular than ever with around 2.5 million people attending at least one festival in the UK every year.

Beating the Competition

With the rise of popularity of music festivals, so has the number of festivals.

The UK alone now has over 40 major festivals each year. And in the US, you’d be shock to know that there are over 1,000 music festivals being hosted per year. That is a lot of musical acts, which is great for music lovers.

Artists are getting on board

Having said that, a lot of artists are rooting to get a gig in a festival. This is a no brainer as it is a surefire way of pushing their popularity and exposure in the public. At the same time, this enables them to turn customers into promoters, making music festivals a great decision.