The Most Important Entertainment Trends

Here are the most important entertainment trends for 2022. And concrete instances of what’s driving each trend. These are the top trends to monitor in the entertainment business, whether you work in it or are just interested in it.





More Streaming Services Are Launched

Revenue from video on demand (SVoD) is estimated to exceed $139 billion per year by 2027. It’s no wonder that many media businesses want a piece of the action. Paid over at the top (“OTT”) streaming platforms have proliferated to compete with incumbents such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

Quibi’s short-form offering failed miserably. However, the concept of a precisely defined niche has been successful elsewhere in the streaming industry. During the epidemic, Crunchyroll, a specialized anime service, had extremely high search growth and has over 4 million paying customers now.


Cloud Gaming is Becoming More Popular

There are several key entertainment trends in the gaming business at the moment. Both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 will be available in November. Virtual reality and augmented reality game technology is progressing. Esports are growing popularity.

Mobile gaming is more popular than ever before. There are about 3 billion players worldwide. And very few of them have the necessary hardware to play the most recent and difficult games. This issue is addressed by cloud gaming, which streams video game material from remote servers to your device. As a result, your computer (or phone, or smart TV) isn’t performing all of the heavy labor.