Introducing: the Oscar Candidates

Despite the pandemic situation, the filmmaking industry is still up to produce award-winning movies. It is overwhelming to see the number of new films out there. Yet, movie watchers seem to choose their personal choices. This is probably due to the insufficiency of movie content that they have seen and already made a definitive opinion about it.

So, in case, you haven’t seen enough, here are some nominees for the Oscar Movie Awards just to give you some ideas.

Nominees for the Best Film of the Year

Although, no consensus has been provided to judge the best film, below is the list of films that will most likely get the attention of the voters.


This film will take you back to the scenes of the late 1960s. The story revolves around a working-class Protestant family stranded in violence.


You will generally set your streaming hours in Netflix for this film highlighting the snarky political satire.


The film about tennis biopic tells the story of the father of Serena and Venus Williams.


A man who reminisces his journey in searching for his first love at the age of 15 with a woman who is already 25 is the focus of this film.


Well, this just tends to be the most famous film of the year among the other nominees. It already garnered almost $1.5 billion in grosses and still counting.