How the Ugly Warehouse Business Evolved Into a Popular Self-Storage Industry

The storage industry of today is a far cry from the warehouse business that owners of unleased properties offered to people who needed extra storage spaces. It was only in recent years that the idea of providing state-of-the art storage units took off, which people will find appealing as a practical solution for their storage problems. The storage industry has a lackluster history but what matters is that it has become one of the most profitable use of properties.

What Storage Facilities Looked Like Before

The history of the storage business was hardly imaginative as owners simply wanted to make money out of their non-performing real estate until such time that they could find a renter with a better plan and offer. Some people though, like artists, musicians and gig entertainers who had plenty of stuff found use for them not only as studios or rehearsal venues. As a space rental business it did not demand much in terms of utilities, amenities and maintenance, which implied less cost.
The idea of converting the warehouse like structures into several self-storage units was a matter worth looking into as a lucrative business opportunity. The question is, who would be interested in renting storage spaces and for what reason. What features will make the self-storage spaces appealing to those who would be interested in using self-storage units.
The fashion industry for one has great need for storage spaces but they would need the space to be clean, dust-free and not susceptible to formation of molds and mildew. Mainly because such elements negatively affect the color and quality of the garments in storage. Moreover the environment must be protected against insect and animal infestations as well as against theft and pilferage,
Visual artists professed similar needs, as they are concerned not only in the security of completed artworks stored in a facility unmanned by security personnel. They also discovered that temperature and moisture can alter the quality of the paint material applied in their art pieces. Musicians had the same concern, since the wood component of musical instruments tend to warp, cause string to stretch or cause slight changes in the shape of the instrument.

The Reinvention of Warehouse Rentals into Self-Storage Facilities

As the warehouse business finally recognized its potential by becoming a self storage industry, it reinvented itself by harnessing modern designs and new construction techniques. First off, the warehouses became rows of self-storage units that can be accessed and secured by garage doors, whilst erected on concrete pavements devoid of weed growths. As the demand for different types of storage units kept rising, some buildings were being converted into steel structures. Contractors and architects started using granite floors and countertops that will make the facilities highly appealing to homeowners with sophisticated storage needs.
Yet the more appealing feature is the climate-controlled environment, as it ensures indoor temperature is maintained at ideal levels of between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. That way, the storage space will remain dry and cool and not cause materials and canned goods to swell and spoil.
Customers have better peace of mind in storing their equipment and other important belonging in storage spaces that is under 24/7 surveillance and security system. However, in order for a storage facility to be highly attractive, it’s also important they are in locations that users can access easily and with considerable ease.