Games for the Nintendo Entertainment System that were much Advanced

Some are forgotten, while others are iconic, but all of these Nintendo Entertainment System games were further advanced that we can only truly appreciate them now.

The NES and its massive game library forever transformed console gaming. It’s hard to say what would have occurred if the NES hadn’t been, but it’s quite simple to establish a link from the best NES games to what we’re doing. However, if you take a closer look at the NES collection, you’ll see a number of titles that seem out of place.

More Advanced NES Games

Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of way, here are some NES adventures that were extremely innovative.

1-Sweet Home

It was a brutal RPG horror series set in a Metroidvania-style setting in which you had to overcome obstacles, win battles, and traverse fast – paced action events or risk losing your party members forever. And there was nothing like it on the market.

2-The Magic of Scheherazade

The Magic of Scheherazade, on the other hand, seems like a 2022 title disguised to look like a 1987 game. From its time-travel mechanisms and Arabic folklore to its sophisticated gameplay that allows you to win battles in unconventional ways, this game has a lot to offer.


Yes, it is the forefather of the popular Metroidvania genre, but it is also something more. At an era when several NES games were intended to be annoyingly confusing, Metroid demonstrated that a labyrinthine adventure might be created.